Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer's coming

In some ways it hardly seems possible that summer is upon us. I mean between the snow, the rain, and Spring Break it seems as though the kids hardly went to school after Christmas break. Nonetheless, it IS here so the proverbial question is...what shall we do for the next 8 weeks? Because of Jeremy's schedule this year there is really no way we're actually going to GO on a vacation but I would like to make it fun and special for the kids. Especially since Gracie starts Kindergarten in the fall. I have a few things in mind but would really like your help coming up with some as well. Here are the guidelines:
#1-needs to be in the Nashville area. I don't mind driving but I don't want to be in the car for 2 hours going 1 way with 4 pre-schoolers.
#2-needs to be cost effective
#3-needs to be suitable for pre-schoolers

As for what I already have planned (or hope to be able to do)...the free movie @ Regal Cinemas, a new park each week, and swimming.

What fun things do you plan on doing this summer?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mommy to Mommy

As my kids get older it seems like I am always having to re-evaluate how things are done at our house. Currently the girls are 5 and 3 and I feel like it's time to start a chore/reward system but I don't know where to start, especially with their ages. I few of the things I would like them to take more responsibility for are: cleaning (as in to the best a child their age can do) their bedroom and toy room and taking laundry to their room and bringing it to the laundry room. These are chores I know they are capable of doing so that's why I'd like to start here. Here's my dilemma...I don't know how to reward them. I know you would by now I would have that part figured out but honestly I don't. I'm not sure if I should do stickers, marbles, or money. If stickers, how many until they get a reward? If marbles, how big of a jar to fill up? If money, how much? What if they don't do their chore(s), do they simply not get the reward or do I take whatever I choose (again~sticker, marbles, money) away? Mommies I need your HELP, what has worked for you? What did you try that maybe didn't work?

Monday, May 10, 2010

More humor

After I re-read that last post, maybe it was only really funny to me but I promise this will make you laugh.

#1)On the Saturday before the flood it was raining pretty hard. Jeremy and I have learned that when it rains a bunch like it was doing that day our septic backs up. We had it pumped in the fall and discovered that there is a hole in the bottom thus when vast amounts of rain fall it fills from both ends and backs up. Jeremy was finally tired of it and decided it needed to be fixed. He called our regular guy and told him what was going on, and then our guy had him call the back hoe guy. Here's a brief description of their conversation
J: we live on _________ in Hvile
Back hoe guy: I know where that is. my mom used to live in this ugly house on that road. I think it's near there. I'll be there in about 30 minutes.

The guy told us as he was driving he was thinking "man they're really close to that house" and then as he pulled in he realized yep WE live in that ugly house his mom used to live in! It really is a small world.

#2)Yesterday was Mother's Day and unfortunately Jeremy had to work another 16 hour day. He got home around 3 and pretty much had to go straight to sleep so he could go back in at 11pm. I tried keeping the kids quiet but you can only imagine how difficult it can be keeping 4 pre-schoolers quiet. It was around dinner time so we decided to go out and then go to the grocery store. We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel and I must say the kids did really well. the girls both needed to go potty while were eating but I told them they would need to hold it until we got done b/c I wasn't about to get everyone up nor allow either of them to go by themselves. So we finished dinner and headed towards the potty. After snaking our way through the gift shop we made it to the back corner and entered the potty area. Without even thinking about it we went to the left opened the door and went into the potty. About that time a MAN came out of the stall. I froze and thought "did I go in the wrong door or did HE?" I had to walk in a little farther to realize that indeed there were urinals and that I had made the mistake. URGH! Yes I should have read the sign but honestly why don't they make each store the same? Needless to say I was quite embarrassed but it will be a most memorable Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Humor in the storm

Ok yes I know it's FOREVER since I've blogged. However, I must say that before it was hard finding the time since our computer was upstairs away from the other part of the house and well I did just (4 months ago) have a baby. I've had several things rambling around in my head lately so here I am...I'm BACK!!

I think today you'd have to be living in a cave to not know about the flooding going on in Middle Tennessee. The destruction thus far is unbelievable and I know it's going to take quite a bit of time before it's repaired...please pray for the families affected.

So you're thinking (don't you like when someone tells you what you're thinking :)) You said humor...I'm getting there.

Here's a little background...where we live we have septic. there's a hole in the bottom of our septic tank. when it rains significantly our tank fills from both ends getting very full and causing a not so pleasant scent to occur. this is what happened on Saturday.

well has you can imagine with 4 small kids we HAVE to have a potty so we decided to head over to Jeremy's parent's house. They live very close to us so we could go there and still be close enough for Jeremy to come back and check the septic occasionally.

Fast forward some to Sunday...Jeremy goes home to check things out (about 6am) and the rain and wind pick up. I hear it so I move the pack-n-play that Lincoln is sleeping in away from the window but Jeremy's dad yells up that we need to get downstairs. It was really quick but we're pretty sure a small tornado came through because there were several trees down, a window blown out of a neighbor's house in addition to their garage door being ripped off and all the brick on 1 side of another neighbor's house. From our house Jeremy heard some electrically fuses blow and there went our power. Great now we have no septic, no power, and 4 hungry kids.

It was getting close to lunch so we decided to go and find somewhere to eat. We loaded all the kids up turned on the TVs and drove. It took us a while to find a route that wasn't flooded that would also lead us to FOOD! Finally we ended up at Zaxbys and by this time our cell phones, our only means of communications, were dying. Luckily I had our chargers (we don't have car chargers) and found a booth with an OUTLET! Oh happy day. right away I plugged in our phones and went to order. About this time Lincoln decided he was hungry so off to the bathroom I went~knowing they had warm water in there. Ok I know this sounds gross..but what else was I supposed to do?

After we ate we headed over to Walmart to let the kids get some energy out and go to the bathroom(gross again I know!) Well you know Walmart has EVERYTHING and today I was thankful for an electronics department. Since 6 am we hadn't seen anything or even know if another storms was coming but at Walmart we gathered around the 1 TV they had set on the news and watched with the other drenched rats in the store :) I think it was at that moment that I realized I felt like the girl that lived in Walmart. I mean throw in a shower and we would have had it made.

Seriously I think today was the day that I broke all of the "I would never do _____"....charging a phone at a fast food joint, getting water from a public restroom to FEED to my child, enjoying and being thankful for the TV at walmart, and riding around in the van just so my kids can watch TV. hmmmm I wonder what we'll do tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is in the air

Well the consignment sale is officially over and although I'm excited to get into a "normal" routine again I think I'm more excited about all the fall things in store. Spring and Fall are my 2 favorite seasons primarily for the weather but also for the opportunity to get out and about with out freezing my butt off or burning up. Each year gets a little more fun as the girls and even Harrison get a little older and can do just a little more. I really look forward to taking them to the pumpkin patch this year, outings to the zoo in the crisp air, and just playing outside. what fun fall activities do you and your family enjoy?

The other reason I love fall is for the food. I admit I have a REALLY hard time planning dinners in the summer. When it's hot outside I have no desire to cook but once the weather turns a little cool my mind starts thinking about chili, soups, and casseroles. I am so ready to get back into a regular dinnertime routine. I have a couple of stand bys but I would love to have some new recipes this fall. So yes, unapologetically, I am asking for new recipes...what does your family love? What have you found that is quick, easy, and tasty? One of my favorites is Chicken Taco Soup...I'll post the recipe in the comments section. I can't wait to see what new things I can try~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In case you thought I was exaggerating...

Here is just a taste of what you can expect to see at the Encores and More North Children's Consignment sale. All of these items are from consignors who have used the VIP program (I store everything at my house once it's been tagged until the sale begins) and it's roughly 30 consignors. I've done the math and this practically represents only 4% of our total consignors. I've said it before and I'll say it again this sale is AWESOME and it's going to be HUGE, you don't want to miss out. You still have time to register as a worker and shop a full day before consignors and 2 full days before the public!!! There are tons of opportunities to work including bringing food, drink shifts, as well as bartering...hurry and check it out! I can't wait to see you at the sale.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes I know this is a very rare occurrence that I get speechless but keep reading. If you have known me for any length of time you know that I have a friend Brea who runs a consignment sale twice a year. Ok let me rephrase that..she runs THE consignment sale..that is the largest sale north of Nashville (32,000 square feet) and in my opinion THE BEST. For I-don't-know-how-many-years now I have not only shopped this sale but I have also worked it, which is the best part and the reason for this post.

I have always thought that one of the best reasons for working the sale is getting to shop a day earlier than the consignors and with about 100 other workers instead of the 1000 people on consignor night. This year however Brea has really out done herself offering incentives to her workers. If you have ever considered working one of these sales THIS is the year to do it. You can go here to see a list of all the great things she's offering (including %off coupons & gift certificates to the sale!) and then scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of the available shifts to work. I really hope you will consider joining us this sale~ it's sure to be the best yet!! Oh and don't forget to tell her I sent you! :)